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In the development of the best possible technical implementation for soldering tasks, the striven for product quality, existing automation concepts in the production, as well as the process quality, are at the center of our action.

Utilize the possibility, to develop the appropriate process for your product and your production together with us, our soldering process, and our automation know-how.

Our EUTECT Technology Centre is equipped with all soldering process modules from our range. Here, we evaluate your and our processes, in order to achieve the objectives required by you or your customers, or make them even more efficient through newly developed solutions. As a result, we ensure a stable and efficient series production with the required result quality.

Just like a majority of our customers, you can also utilize our Technology Center for sample soldering, small batch production soldering, or C-sample production. Talk to us.

Utilize a joint evaluation:

  • Increase in know-how through our many years of soldering process and automation know-how in product design, metallurgy, software, processes, control- and automation concepts.
  • New process- and automation solutions for optimal economic solutions.
    100% information about the feasibility of a striven for solution.
  • Possible product modifications for even more stable and efficient production and process solutions.
  • Transparent evaluation- and process documentation.
  • Metallurgical investigations with neutral assessments.
  • Efficient complete systems or module integration through simultaneous engineering.

Our service is thereby comprised of the following individual components:

  • Evaluations: Soldering the customer assembly with the modules from the EUTECT product range
  • Evaluation reports: Representation and explanation of the results from the evaluation
  • Feasibility studies: Representation of possibilities of soldering components on the customer assembly, as well as a listing of possible product modifications, that are necessary to achieve the objective or increase the efficiency
  • Micro sections: Examination of the solder joints by independent institutes
    Process determination: Analysis, which processes achieve an optimal result for the customer
  • Process definition: Finalising the future process under consideration of the economical framework conditions

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